Wednesday, 10 September 2008

We have been awarded


We have been awarded this award by a most amazing designer who a bit like ourselves is very quiet in the scrapkit blog world lol..She is a lovely lady and we so appreciate her awarding us with this thank you so much Vella- Make sure you visit her fab blog at Wench Designs and Also from our very good friend Josy at Magical Creations thank you both so much

The rules are top pass it on to 4 of your trusted friends .. and exactly as Vella we only have a few friends in the blog community so we pass it on to the following blogs..

Vella at Wench Designs as she's a lovely lady and a 'new' wonderful friend to us

Josy at Magical-Creations who has been an inspiration to us both, as well as a fantastic friend

Heavens at Heavens Designz who is such a fab designer and a great friend and member of Tagmania

Heavens and Mynxx such talented ladies and members of Tagmania and Forever Attitude

thanks ladies for all your support and help in the start of our blogging life lol xxxx

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